Il Met Gala, considerato l'Oscar della moda, si tiene ogni anno il primo lunedì di maggio al Metropolitan Museum di New York. Tutte le celebrità sognano di partecipare a questo evento, e coloro che sono abbastanza fortunati da ricevere un invito (e avere 50.000 $ per l'allestimento del posto) si sforzano di mostrare il loro look più iconici e stravaganti.

Ogni gala ha un tema che dovrebbe ispirare gli abiti dei partecipanti, e quest'anno era dedicato a Karl Lagerfeld. Tra i tanti incarichi, l'iconico stilista tedesco, scomparso nel 2019, era il direttore creativo di Chanel. Per questo, tra la lista di cantanti, attori, modelle e milionari che hanno sfilato lungo la scalinata Met abbiamo potuto vedere molti look ispirati a Chanel, modelli in bianco e oro, e alcuni revival di Lagerfeld. Ne abbiamo parlato con la fashion specialist Laura Magro, che avevamo già intervistato qualche settimana fa per parlare della storia recente del Met Gala.


You can read the full transcript of this conversation below:


Tiare Gatti Mora: Hi dear Speak Up readers! We are back with Central San Martins' Laura Magro. She is a graduate from this great fashion school and she was with us to discuss the Met Gala prior to this year's Met Gala which has just taken place in New York, and I think it was beautiful. Hi Laura, thank you so much for being back! Did you like it?

Laura Magro: Yeah, I have a lot of encountered feelings towards the Met Gala because like I think we saw a lot of very interesting looks as well as very plain ones. I think because of the topic that was very likely to happen. So yeah, I’m ready to discuss!

Tiare Gatti Mora: Great! So I kind of wanna bring up like our favourites so kind of see if we agree or which ones we can come up with that people should definitely check out. For me clearly I just liked the most obvious ones that I'm gonna like, I think they were a lot of people's favourite and so they were the ones that were worn by two of the hostesses of the event. So they were both basically kind of bride, wedding dresses. Penelope Cruz, I think it was my favourite, it was this bride dress from 1988, it had been worn by Ines de la Fressange and it was Chanel and it was just this like white, really like tight in the waist, big kind of gown, white gown just very like what you would expect like a princess to wear just um super kind of glittery as well uh but simple like it wasn't too much but it also was just like fresh and like really like Divine you know, just like this really like cold white. And yeah with these kind of like glitter motif and then this really cool veil that went just like over the top of her body and was like attached to the dress. But I really loved the color, the shine and you know the, yeah just the waist and the fact that like she had these, you know it wasn't too covering like I really like that like it wasn't kind of like yeah too much it wasn't like too much like I feel like some Brides just look like they're going to church and just staying there and I think it was also quite sexy while simultaneously being very princess-like and I just, I don't know I loved it and she obviously looked gorgeous!

And then Dua Lipa’s, she just wore this 1992 Chanel dress which was worn at the time by Claudia Schiffer and it was kind of like a warmer white with like a thicker Fabric. And yeah she she wore it together with this like huge diamond uh in her necklace and I mean it was like simple but it was just gorgeous like it was also again the tiny waist and like the huge gown and I mean she just looked stunning like her hair was just like wavy and like you know just free, and she looked so cool and like careless in a way which I feel like is a very Dua Lipa look and I mean I just these two I know it's like a classic to say but I just love them yeah. What did you think, do you agree, were there others that you found more appealing?

Laura Magro: So I really agree with you because also Karl Lagerfeld brides were kind of a thing, so I think it's really interesting that they both were archive Chanel bridal dresses because so in all of the catwalks in all of  the fashion shows it was sort of seen as a prestige to be chosen as a Chanel, or like one of Karl Lagerfeld brides, and for example Claudia Schiffer who you just mentioned was chosen to be a bride in like, I think it's more than 12 occasions so it's really interesting because there aren't many Chanel wedding dresses. So that's why it's it's it's so nice nice that they both decided to wear the bridal especially since they were both hosts I personally really liked uh Penelope’s dress too as well, it was just truly beautiful and it suited her perfectly but also the Dua Lipa one I think it went very well with her style because she's very careless it's just that however I feel like the original dress had a hat included into it and I kind of missed the Hat because I think it was like a really nice touch to the dress but still I think Dua Lipa pulled it off very very well it really suited her so I think they were really good hosts in that sense. And then the other host of the night was Michaela Coel and she was wearing custom Schiaparelli which is one of my favourite brands and she was wearing this like sort of embedded golden look and I really like that because one of the things that were very common in all of uh Karl Lagerfeld’s designs was golden jewellery. He really liked jewellery, a lot of jewellery and golden jewellery so she sort of made like homage, she paid homage to like the golden jewellery that Karl Lagerfeld was known to design so that was also very pretty. And another, well I believe like for me one of the night’s favourites was definitely Doja cat because she paid tribute to Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette whom he very much loved and is probably the richest cat in the world uh at the moment because he basically inherited all of his fortune so so yeah Doja Cat came in dressed as a cat at the very beautiful cat and she was wearing like some sort of face prosthetics that looked very real, and then she had a custom-made dress that sort of emulated like cut ears. It was very, it was, she looked like a cat but it was also very sort of human kind of like Cats the musical, I don’t know if you've heard of it and so whenever she was interviewed during the night she was also, she would mew to the journalists she wouldn’t really speak, so I think that was really really interesting, those are the kinds of sorts of performances that I'm sort of looking forward in a Met Gala as well, not just but the whole performance of it I think that's part of the met so…

Tiare Gatti Mora: Yeah, that’s right and I think it was a way for people to get to know Karl Lagerfeld, because if I have to be honest like I did know him and like I’d had a look at his shows but this was like getting to know him on another level and I think I just prefer personally the, these like vintage bridal dresses like from the 80s early 90s I just I mean I was very impressed like I didn’t, I hadn't thought about oh my God I would love to get married in a Chanel dress, but honestly after seeing the Penélope Cruz one I was just yeah, very impressed and really fell in love with it. And I guess it's also because like when they're worn by like Penélope or Dua like they just make them look better, but also I guess these more kind of vintage lines like these collections we don't really get to see as often because we're not in the 80s, so it's cool to get to know that part of Lagerfeld. And I'm sure I wasn't the only one who fell in love with these bridal dresses, and yeah I don't know like I thought it was way more romantic than I would have predicted which was something that I found really exciting and that I crave from Fashion in general. I feel like that's kind of a little bit of a lost art lately and I don't know, I kind of enjoy that. And then I wanted to know what you thought of some other look apart from like your favourite, like top two or three , like was there some other one because.

Like for me it was for example Gigi Hadid she had this black very kind of like sexy look and also Kate Moss, I really loved it. I love that pink, it was also very sexy and Sydney Sweeney oh my God like, that hair and like she looked amazing like just I love how she just wants to look good and like I don’t know I kind of love that. And she does, she clearly manages to do that so I don't know, what did you think like was there some other one that was classic like this that you also enjoyed or did you prefer others that were more kind of out there and edgy?

Laura Magro: Yeah so I have a few of the looks that really caught my attention and as you were mentioning like the use of archival fashion pieces I was really impressed by, that as well because I think it's really important to do that because yearly a designer, like they designe at least they do two or three fashion shows so there’s a lot of clothes that are produced per year and it's really sad for those clothes to just like disappear after that year like passes away so in that line I really enjoy it. For example Kristen Stewart, yeah that Kristen Stewart look was from the 2016 collection and it was very special because that fashion show took place in La Havana in Cuba, and she was wearing this male look, like manswear suit which was very very beautiful and unique, so that was really nice to see. Also for her how to change the look because she was, she's been a Chanel Ambassador for a few years now but has always sort of been dressed in very feminine kind of clothes, so it was really nice to see something different which I think really suits her personal style so it was really nice. Then I would have to say I really liked Billy Eilish, I think she looked super ethereal, she was wearing Simone Rocha and I feel like she since she's blonde she’s very often used to, you know look at her in very bright sorts of colours in past Met Galas, she’s always been dressed in sort of beige, white, soft colours and this is like, in this Met Gala she's just wearing a full black look which is Karl Lagerfeld's favourite colour, his favourite color was black and signature color is black and it just looked really nice in contrast with her skin and her eyes, it was a very beautiful image. And then I also have to talk about Emily Ratajkowski. I did not love that much her carpet look, I mean it was nice, but my favourite one so, Met Gala there's like different stages and a lot of people change dresses throughout the night, and her afterparty dress was beautiful. Personally, it was designed by one of my favourite designers, she was emerging design designer called Dilara Findikoglu, sorry I'm not pronouncing it well because she has a very special last name, but she's one of my favourite emerging designers and I think it looks so well on her. And then as well Cardi B she had like four dress changes throughout the night and I think that's also so performative and so nice all of the dresses had some sort of meaning it all made sense and she sort of made a spectacle of herself so that was really nice as well.

Tiare Gatti Mora: Yeah, I mean I love Emily Ratajkowski so anything she does is okay, I agree with you very much actually that I didn't love her main dress although she looked amazing in it because she just like her face and her hair were amazing and she's just gorgeous so she's gonna look good in anything but yeah, the after party look was so beautiful as well. Yeah so I mean I think overall it was quite a specific theme right. I think it really was a homage like, you could tell like this was about Lagerfeld and very much about Chanel, and I thought it was quite interesting because it was quite a change from previous years and yeah it like I really liked it actually you know like I said I was surprised in a good way and yeah, it was quite interesting I think.

Laura Magro: I also would be interested to like shout out a few of the men who attended the Gala, which finally this year I feel like they put a little bit more effort into that so I'd say maybe Conan Doyle for example he was dressed as Karl Lagerfeld, a lot of them were wearing the signature glasses and gloves Karl Lagerfeld look and also for example Bad Bunny again, he was wearing a bridal inspired suit by Jacquemus so he always plays it very well in the Met Gala, I think this probably is like only his second one right but yeah.

Tiare Gatti Mora: Yeah so, amazing, Laura, thank you so much. I loved talking to you about this, I hope we can have you back for more fashion related topics and yeah, and you look beautiful by the way, very very Met Gala 2023. Yes, just thank you!

Laura Magro: Thanks for having me again!