Unusual Events in Britain

Alcune culture perpetuano tradizioni di origine ignota, altre ricorrono a consuetudini moderne tra le più assurde, ma tutte sviluppano un modo proprio di divertirsi. Questi sono alcuni dei festival più strani che si svolgono nel Regno Unito durante l’anno.

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British people have the reputation for being reserved, but they also have some peculiar ways of having fun. There are many traditional festivals or events that take place throughout the year with some very strange customs. Here is a list of just a few of them:

March: Medieval football

This is a game played in the village of Ashbourne in Derbyshire. The rules are similar to how football was played in England hundreds of years ago. The village divides into two teams. One team consists of people from the south of the village and the other of people from the north. There is a goal on each side of the town, 1.5 miles from the centre. The aim is to get the ball into the goal on your side of the town. Players can kick, throw and carry it.

Medieval Football Ashbourne

May: mud race

To take part in this running race by the sea in the county of Essex, you have to first cover yourself in mud. It used to occur every January, but people thought it was too cold so it is scheduled for May. 

May: Cheese ROLLING

This is a race that takes place in the south-west of England. It is a bit different from a typical race. Competitors each have to roll a large round piece of cheese down a hill. Many of them fall and end up getting injured.

Rolling cheese

June: Egg throwing

You must form a team with a partner to enter this competition in Lincolnshire. You will throw an egg to your partner, who has to catch it. The winning teams are those who throw the egg the furthest distance and catch it without breaking it.

Egg Throwing Lincolnshire


This event happens in a village called Blakeney in Norfolk, which is located next to the sea. The greasy pole is a long piece of wood that is made very wet and so it is difficult to walk on without slipping. The pole is put over the harbour, where the water is deep. Competitors have to try and reach the end of the pole without falling into the water.  

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