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Scopri il vocabolario dei colloqui di lavoro e alcuni consigli su come prepararti ad affrontare le domande più comuni.

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Mike: Hey, ChatBot! I have a job interview tomorrow. What do you think they will ask me?

Jivochat: “What is your name?”

Mike: Duh, of course! So, I’m applying for a receptionist job. What’s a typical question they will ask?

Jivochat: “Are you a polite and welcoming person?”

Mike: Are my prompts not specific enough? Right, so, the interview is for the post of receptionist at a design agency. What will the agency want to know about me?

Jivochat: “Are you human?”

Mike: Are you hallucinating? But, really, what advice can you give me?

Jivochat: Receptionists are the public face of the company. Dress appropriately.

Mike: [sighs] Yeah, sure. OK, last chance: give me three possible behavioural interview questions for a receptionist job interview.

Jivochat:“Tell me about a time when you had to deal with an unwanted visitor. How did you handle the situation?”

Jivochat: “Describe a situation where you had to juggle priorities. What did you do?”

Jivochat: “Have you ever had to make a quick decision with limited information? What was your decision and its outcome?”

Mike: Now that’s more like it! 


A job interview is a formal meeting between a recruiting company and a person looking for a job, to assess the candidate’s suitability.

Duh!’ is slang, an exclamation used to show that a comment is either obvious or stupid or both.

In artificial intelligence, a ‘prompt’ is a request that allows the AI program to generate a response.

A ‘post’ in this context is another word for ‘job’ or ‘position of employment’.

Are you human?” is not an unreasonable response: chatbots are increasingly used for recruitment purposes.

AIs can, in fact, ‘hallucinate’! This is when the program insists that something is true when in fact it is not.

To be the ‘public face’ means ‘to represent’, in this case, the design agency.

Behavioural interview questions are questions that assess a job candidate’s actions and reactions in specific professional settings or situations.

Literally, ‘to juggle’ means to keep a number of balls or objects continuously in the air; in this context, it refers to the ability to do multiple things at the same time; in other words, to multi-task.

The idiom ‘that’s more like it!’ is used to show that you think something has improved or someone has offered a better idea or answer to a question than at first.

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