Jenny: There, the turkey’s stuffed and ready! How long will it take to cook?

Luke: It’s a 12-pound bird, so about three hours. The oven’s pre-heated. Will you pop it in?

Jenny: Sure. What’s next? Should I put the potatoes in for roasting?

Luke: Not for another couple of hours. They’ll go in with the parsnips and carrots.

Jenny: OK, I’ll prepare the Brussels sprouts. When do we make  the gravy?

Luke: When the turkey is done. We need the juices. I’m using ready-made cranberry sauce, so we’re pretty much done for now!

Jenny: What about dessert?

Luke: Oh, Auntie May is bringing her traditional fruitcake!

Jenny: Oof, it’s always so heavy…

Luke: She spends hours making it. Just pretend to like it, like the rest of us.

Jenny: I know, I know. Well, I guess we can take a break. How about we treat ourselves to some eggnog?

Luke: Why not? We deserve it. Cheers!!


Stuffed turkey is the main dish in a traditional US Christmas dinner. The stuffing is made with herbs and breadcrumbs.

Whole turkeys, chickens and geese are referred to as ‘birds’.

The US uses imperial measurements. 12 pounds equals 5.5kg.

To pop something in” is a casual way of saying to put something in quickly.

Roasting means cooking in the oven or over a fire.

Gravy is a sauce usually made using the fat and juices that run from the meat during cooking, thickened with cornstarch.

We’re done” is an expression that means “we’re finished”. ‘Pretty much’ means ‘almost’.

To take a break is to pause for a rest.

Eggnog is a traditional Christmas drink in the US, made of rum or brandy, mixed with beaten egg, milk and sugar.