Top 5 British Dogs Breeds: 5 razze canine inglesi popolari (tra cui il Welsh Corgi)

Sin dall’epoca vittoriana i cani hanno avuto un posto speciale nei cuori dei britannici. Durante il lockdown i fedeli amici dell’uomo sono diventati di vitale importanza per la vita delle comunità.

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There are almost twenty-eight million households in the United Kingdom. Seven million of them are home to ‘man’s best friend’: the dog. Britain is a nation of dog lovers, with up to 14 per cent of owners saying they prefer their pet to their partner!

Dear Dogs

The dog, a.k.a. Canis familiaris, was first domesticated around 10,000 BC. However, pet-keeping only became socially acceptable in Britain in the 18th century. One hundred years later, the Victorians began to emphasise the importance of home and domestic life, and that domesticity included pet dogs. Children kept pets to cultivate commitment and caring values.

Top British Dog

In Britain today, dogs are more important than ever. Almost 25 per cent of owners have a social media profile for their pet, 85 per cent consider it to be a member of the family, and 33 per cent of dogs have their own chair in the living room. British people walk their dogs more than any other European nation, for up to three hours a day. Animal experts explain the British devotion to dog-walking as a useful aid to a socially-awkward nation —it helps people to socialise with strangers.

Best friend

Man’s best friend has also been an important aid during the pandemic. Millions of people confined to home have turned to their pets for company. And thousands more are buying dogs every day. Puppy prices have doubled, sadly producing a new criminal activity. Gangs are stealing bitches and forcing them to breed, and then selling the puppies for enormous sums. Man and dog are both victims of Covid-19. 

Top 5 British Dog Breeds

Airedale Terrier


airedale terrier

Dubbed the ‘King of terriers’, the Airedale came originally from Yorkshire in the north of England. Over time, British and German police have begun to use this breed, also known as the “Buckingham Palace guards of the dog world.”

English Bulldog


English Bulldog

With its loveable nature, the bulldog is highly popular. The name comes from the past when the breed was used in the terrible ‘sport’ of bull-baiting



Welsh Corgi

The favourite of the Queen, who has had thirty of them over the years. They sleep in the Corgi Room. This Welsh breed is the second-most popular member of the Royal Family. It is actually more common in republican American than monarchical Britain.

Cocker Spaniel


Cocker Spaniel

Active and good-natured, this popular breed is usually one of the favourites at most dog contests. It became popular as a working gun dog, like the Labrador. It produces one of the most varied numbers of pups in a litter.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Cavalier King  Charles Spaniel

Affectionately known as ‘Cavvy’, it has a loyal, kind nature and a sunny disposition. A small breed and popular as a lap dog, it has grown rapidly in popularity in the US since 2000 and is now one of the most popular purebreds.

'A Piece of  Cake' and other figures of speech widely used in English


'A Piece of Cake' and other figures of speech widely used in English

L’uso di figure retoriche e frasi fatte è uno degli aspetti più idiosincratici di ogni lingua. Negli ultimi tempi sulla stampa britannica sono apparse numerose metafore che hanno a che vedere con il mondo della pasticceria. Ne analizziamo alcune.

Sarah Presant Collins

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