I’m Norma Cerletti, better known as Norma’s Teaching on social media. I was born in Milan in 1992 and, after spending a year in an American high school in Washington State as an exchange student, I came back to Italy bilingual. In just a year, I overcame so many fears and became so passionate about the English language that I wanted to be an English teacher. And that’s exactly what I did.

english for everyone

For over 10 years I taught English in various schools and companies in Italy. In 2020, I was forced to move my teaching online and opened multiple social media accounts in order to be able to reach as many people as possible in order to improve their English language skills. Shortly after going online, I founded my own online English school with my partners Alice Bush and Michael Carbone and, since then, my mission has been to make English accessible to everyone and guide them on the wonderful journey that is language learning.

My experience as a teacher along with the feedback, comments and questions I receive from my followers and students online every day (I personally read every single message and comment!) have given me a clear understanding of what’s holding people back from speaking English with confidence.

common problems

I’ve discovered that there are four common problems that most people have that are keeping them stuck and not allowing them to learn English effectively.

The first one is what I call “foundation”. As you can imagine, the foundation is the basis of something. When it comes to learning English, it means the knowledge of basic vocabulary, word order and grammar. In other words, everything that helps you formulate your very first sentences! To solve this problem, you need to be exposed to the right level and start building your English “one brick at a time”.

speak up!

The second problem that blocks people’s ability to learn English is “embarrassment”. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve studied or how good you think you are, if you feel embarrassed when speaking English in front of others, whether it’s because you’re afraid of making mistakes or because you’re not sure if you’re pronouncing words the right way, your ability to speak English will always suffer! There’s no avoiding it, you need to speak! Easier said than done though, right?

Practice makes perfect

The third problem some people experience is “mastery”. Some people seem to be fascinated by perfectionism (not me!) and what’s keeping them stuck is the fact that they aren’t absolute masters of the English language! In order to overcome this problem, you need to dive deep and discover all the quirks and nuances of this surprising language!

enjoy yourself!

The last problem I’ve identified throughout my years of teaching is the one that I was personally facing before going to the States: “Being surrounded by English”. People need constant exposure to a language to be able to learn it. I know, you must be thinking “I can’t go and live in the States!” Trust me, you don’t have to! There are so many things you can do from home. For example, watch English movies and TV series, read books in English, find native speakers in your city… Whatever you do, make sure you have fun and enjoy yourself! Learning English doesn’t have to be hard and boring. In fact, it should be Fast, Fun and Fantastic®!

it’s your turn!

Now it’s your turn. If you want to discover what’s stopping you from being fluent in English, I’ve created a short 2-minute test which not only helps you discover what problem you have, but also gives you a personalised solution that will help you resolve it. Scan the QR code below to get started, it’s 100% free.